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The Island of Winds… Enjoy your Wedding … and live the holidays of your dreams... 

About - The most famous island in Greece and, with no doubt the most cosmopolitan in Cyclades islands. Its name is connected with entertainment and endless parties. But Mykonos does not offer only that. It is the island of surprises. It has unique beauties, other known and others still unexplored... The island of winds, as locals call it, is almost in the center of Cyclades islands and between Tinos and Naxos. It's the closest island to Delos. Boats from the port of Mykonos make trips to the sacred island of antiquity. Mykonos is one of the first islands in Greece that made tourist worth of its natural pores, sun and sea. It started to spread its rumor in the middle 1950's when the first visitors started to arrive in the island.

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Mykonos City/Chora - City (Chora) of Mykonos is the capital of the most cosmopolitan island of Cyclades. A walk in narrow alleys of her settlement, impresses each visitor. The traditional architecture creates unique pictures that resemble like a painting. Small whitewashed houses with the blue painting windows and wooden balconies are the characteristic of Aegean Sea Islands. The flowerpots with the polychromatic and aromatic flowers give their perfume to yours memories. The main characteristic of layout of city constitute the rambling streets and the uniform architecture of buildings. As you walk to the picturesque cobblestone pavements, you will meet grandiose temple and small churches. All of these are dyed with white colour. The light blue painting cupola appears as the sky to have linked itself with the ground.

Agios Ioannis Beach - Agios Ioannis is the beach where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed. Just 4,2 km from Mykonos Town,5 km from the airport and 4,6 km from the port. Next to Agios Ioannis lies Ornos Beach. The place has the best view to Delos.

Super Paradise Beach - Paradise (Kalamopodi) the all over tan sandy beach is well sheltered by its headland. You can go by car, bus or take the little boat from Platis.Gialos to get there. Big camping, restaurant, club, beach bar and water sports. It is here that the fun never stops...

Elia Beach - The large beach of Elia has amazing waters and soft sand. Due to its size, it is ideal for visitors looking for privacy and others looking for beach parties.

Lia Beach - In the east side of Mykonos and in distance 12 km from the Chora we meet the beautiful settlement of Kalafatis. In that region, is found and the beach Lia. Its a quiet sandy beach that is offered for moments of relaxation.

Little Venice - Little Venice is the most picturesque quarter of the main town. This is a wonderful spot to enjoy the sunset and have a drink or coffee at the many bars along the waterfront.

Gizi Castle - In the Paleokastro region, near in the village Ano Mera, are found the ruins of the ancient city of Mykonos. Among the other things, there the visitor can see the old church of Agios Vlassis with its neighboring large dovecote and a prehistoric grave-market. One of the most important monuments of the area is the monastery of Paleokastro which built on 18th century and it’s a typical example of the monastic architecture of the Cyclades islands.

NightLife- Mykonos is the island with the most vivid nightlife in Greece. In the day, head to the beach bars, while in the evening, enjoy the night out in the Town and Little Venice.